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Register using laptop/desktop

On the top right of the homepage, click on ‘Sign in/Sign up’ button, follow the steps to complete registration.

Register using mobile

On the bottom right, click on ‘Sign in’ button, follow the steps to complete registration.

How do I register free membership?
  1. You may register:
    1. Using Yippi account
    2. Using Phone number
    3. Using Email address
  2. Fill up all required information with your preferred sign up method and submit, you will receive a verification code sent to your registered phone number or email address. Please key-in the code in the space provided accordingly to proceed for the sign up.
Benefits of TogaGo’s membership

TogaGo provides GO Cash point rewards for all members as a discount to redeem while making a booking. Please stay tuned for more GO Cash information.


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Forgot password
  1. If you have registered with an email address: You may click on [Forgot Password] in the sign-in page, key-in your registered email address, system will send you a verification for the following steps.
  2. If you have registered with a phone number: You may click on [Forgot Password] in the sign-in page, key in your registered phone number, system will send you a verification for the following steps.
  3. If you have registered with Yippi account: You may refer back to your Yippi’s application account to retrieve back password. Current versions do not support retrieving a Yippi password from
Editing personal details
  1. Web version: After signed in > click on your name > click on [My Account] to edit
  2. Wap version: After signed in >
    1. click on [Me] at the bottom to edit
    2. click on top right menu bar > click on [My Account] to edit
Price and room rate
  1. Prices shown on the website are finalized and there shall no extra discount to be given upon request.
  2. Price shown on the website has already included taxes. Countries / cities / historical and other taxes are not included and rates will be based on hotels or countries’ practises
Booking a hotel
  1. Four (4) steps to book a hotel from
    1. Select your destination, date and number of guest
    2. Pick your hotel
    3. Filling up guest information
    4. Payment
  2. Selecting your destination, date and no. of guest:
    1. Key-in either hotel name, city, area at the search field and pick the closest selection of yours.
    2. Select check-in and check-out date at date field
    3. Insert your number of guests that are travelling with you for the system to search and match your criteria
  3. Picking a hotel:
    Pick your preferred hotel with desired room types at hotel listing page
  4. Providing guest details:
    1. Insert all necessary information needed ( Full name as per passport, ID / passport number, phone number, emergency contact number ) and make sure all information provided is as per travel documents before submitting.
    2. Booking for another guest: Please follow the steps above with addition to fill in their full name as per travel documents in the provided space, under ‘Room 1’ and depends on the unit of room booking made. Each room’s full name mustn’t be the same.
    3. Pick your estimated time of arrival at the bottom of the fields to get the hotelier prepared on your arrival. Do put in your special requests if there is any in the blank field provided, for the hotelier to take note/action on it.
  5. Payment:
    1. Pick your preferred payment methods on your ease. Do note that for non-China users, currency will be shown in MYR at the payment page. An estimation of MYR will be shown on the left side of the booking summary as reference before proceeding to the actual payment page.
    2. Users can download the receipt at the profile page after clicking the download receipt button. Receipts will be shown in both MYR and selected currency when making payment.
  6. Important notes before making booking online:
    1. Confirmation voucher will be sent to your registered email address in 1-2 hour(s) once payment has been made successfully.
    2. For customers who sign up using a mobile phone, kindly retrieve your confirmation voucher under ‘ My Bookings’ from your registered TogaGo’s account.
    3. There will be delay in some cases (system error, message delay, system shortage etc). Please kindly contact our customer service specialist if you have not received any booking confirmation/ booking voucher after 2 hour(s) waiting time.
Using mobile to make booking
  1. Click on [Train Ticket] at the bottom of the page will redirect you to train booking pages
  2. Fill in information on selected fields for system to start search
  3. Register yourself with if you are first time customer
Using desktop/laptop to make booking
  1. Click on [Train Ticket] from the menu bar on the homepage to redirect to train ticket booking page.
  2. Fill in information on selected fields for the system to start searching.
  3. Register yourself with if you are a first time customer.
Important notes while making train booking
  1. Booking must be made under HongKong ( Please do not change language to simplify mandarin.
  2. Payment using Yipps or GO cash is not supported for train ticket booking services for the time being. Please stay tuned on our latest announcement.
  3. Any cancellation / refund issue, do proceed to contact directly with customer service specialist.
Booking status definition
  1. Pending payment: Booking has been added to cart but payment has not been made yet. Kindly complete payment within 10 minutes to secure your booking.
  2. Payment received (Pending confirmation): Payment made successfully and processing by hotel before voucher sent.
  3. Booking confirmed: Booking completed. Guests may check-in on their booked date.
  4. Completed booking (pending reviews): Guests successfully check-out from the property on the mentioned date. Guests can leave their review on the accommodation under ‘My Bookings > Completed’.
  5. Booking cancelled: Cancellation made by guest, or cancellation made by hotel or any form of cancellation will be informed via registered email address.
  6. Pending cancellation: Cancellation under refundable or non-refundable booking will be subjected to property decision/approval.
Booking status not updated

Most of the booking will be confirmed within 30mintue(s).

  1. Self-check: Sign-in to, > click on “My Profile” > click on “My Bookings” > Pick the hotel that you want to check > click on “Refresh” button to see changes
  2. If any case of your booking is still in ‘pending’ status after 30 minutes, contact TogaGo customer service specialist ( immediately for further assistance.
Wrong personal/guest information

Contact with TogaGo customer service specialist at for more assistance

Changing room type

Changes of room type will be subjected to the respective hotel’s final decision.

Booking voucher not received

You may sign in to > Click on “My Profile” > Click on “My Bookings” > Pick the hotel that you want to check > Click on “Refresh” button to see status changes. If you still could not find the booking that you have made, please kindly contact customer service specialist at for further assistance.

Getting receipt

Sign in to > Click on “My Profile” > Click on “My Bookings” > Pick the item that you want to check > Click on “View voucher and invoice” > Click on “Download Receipt”

Payment currencies
  1. TogaGo currently only accepts Yipps to make payment. More payment methods coming soon.
  2. Pay later or pay at the counter is not available at this moment.
Payment unable to proceed
  1. Please check and upgrade your browser to the latest version, older versions might not support the latest security check.
  2. Always upgrade your apps to the latest version
  3. Kindly check your internet connection.
  4. Kindly clear your browser cookies. Go to IE > select Internet > delete cookies and history and try again.
Making a refund request via online
  1. Refund requests can be made via online, provided that the booking policy from the hotel is refundable. If the booking is not refundable according to the policy, there will be no refund to be made.
  2. To request a refund, kindly go to your booking under ‘My Bookings’ and enter a valid reason before submitting. Our customer service specialist will respond to the request within seven (7) working days and it will take up to fourteen (14) to thirty (30) days for the whole process to complete.
What is GO Cash?

GO Cash is a point rewarding system for member loyalty program. Member can collect points upon booking, and utilise the points in their next booking as a discount.

How to receive GO Cash points?
  1. Make a successful booking to receive GO Cash points within 14 working days, after completing your trip.
  2. Do check out TogaGo’s promotional page or any other official digital platform to get the latest news.
GO Cash points T&Cs
  1. GO Cash points are only eligible to be used within TogaGo’s website only.
  2. GO Cash points cannot be transferred nor exchangeable in cash terms.
  3. TogaGo’s shall reserve the right to amend all terms and conditions of this point system without prior notice.
How to use GO Cash points
  1. At the payment page, please check the box to redeem GO Cash points.
  2. There will be no partial points redemption available, the system will automatically show the exact available GO Cash points to be redeemed. Customers may choose to redeem, or not.
  3. In the case of the total GO Cash point value customer has in his/her account is greater than the booking amount, the deductible points will follow the booking's amount only. Customer’s account shall have leftover points after the points redemption.
  4. In the case of the total GO Gash point value customer has in his/her account is smaller than the booking amount, all points will be deducted as redemption. Balance of the total booking price shall be made with other payment methods that are available in the platform.
Operating hours

Monday to Friday (10:00 AM – 19:00 PM)

For instant enquiry, please contact us via

  1. WhatsApp no: +6011-23195098
  2. Yippi Livechat
8xcited Rewards Campaign T&Cs
  1. This campaign started from 6 June 2020 until further notice.
  2. To join this campaign, customers must make a successful booking with a minimum spend of 100RMB.
  3. Booking voucher number that ends with 8 (xxxx8) with minimum 100RMB spent will be receiving 70 GO Cash points in their account. Points will be given within seven (7) working days once the customer's journey is completed.
  4. GO Cash points cannot be transferred nor exchangeable in cash terms.
  5. Cancelled booking or refunded booking shall not be eligible to participate in this campaign.
  6. TogaGo’s shall reserve the right to amend all terms and conditions of the campaigns without prior notice. Please read and fully understand the above before proceeding.
Double up the rewards campaign T&Cs
  1. Campaign period starting from 5 January 2021 until 18 January 2021 only.
  2. To be eligible in this campaign, customer(s) must make a successful booking within the campaign period for any booking services from
  3. Each successful TogagGo booking during the campaign period is eligible to earn 2x GO Cash, after completing their trip.
  4. Eligible customer(s) will receive the GO Cash in their registered TogaGo account once they have completed their trip, within fourteen (14) working days.
  5. Winner of the “8xcited Campaign” will not be eligible to participate in this campaign concurrently.
  6. GO Cash is not transferable/exchangeable to cash or in any other form.
  7. TogaGo reserves the right to revoke back prizes if there should be any cancellation on the booking.
  8. TogaGo reserves the absolute discretion to amend all or any part of this promotion at any time without prior notice. Please kindly read and understand full terms and conditions above before proceeding.